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3D TV’s are constantly improving but they can still occasionally cost more than their non 3D counterparts. One way manufacturers have been getting consumers to take the jump into 3D is to give away free pairs of 3D glasses.

Here is the most recent promo for 14 pairs of free 3D TV glasses when you buy an LG 3D TV (yes that isn’t a typo):

14 Pairs Of Free 3d Glasses Promo

If this deal has expired by the time you look at it I’ll share some of the best ways you can get free 3D glasses. First step is to head over to the 3D 101 page on Amazon.com.

3D 101 on Amazon.com

From there you can click through to each of the 7 major featured TV brands that offer 3D TV’s:


On these individual brand pages you’ll see all of the bestselling 3D TV’s and when you look at the titles of each TV and often times they actually show if you will receive any free pairs of 3D glasses. Like this LG TV for example:

Once you find these types of descriptions in the 3D TV listing click through and you’ll find the other extra bonus deals they are offering with free 3D glasses like this:

The deals vary on free 3D glasses, but I’ve been watching the market for a while and there are always big deals on free pairs of 3D glasses (at least 4 or more) so make sure you get your pairs free when you buy your 3D TV. Hopefully this mini guide helps you find the best ways to get free 3D glasses and if you happen to have a 13 friends who watch TV with you than this promotion for 14 free pairs of 3D glasses should be right up your alley.

14 Pairs Of Free 3d Glasses Promo

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