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Mitsubishi WD-73838 Review

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Product Description: The Mitsubishi WD-73838 offers larger than life with its full features giving you an immersive 3D viewing experience. It delivers incredible performance on picture at an exceptional value that totally defines large screen 3D entertainment.

3D is an indulging large screen experience utilizing the core DLP technology that powers the large majority of 3D cinemas. It is surprising for its DLP technology is up to 1,000 times faster than the LCD thus providing viewers with sharper and lifelike 3D TV experience at their homes.

To fully utilize all types of 3D on Mitsubishi 3D ready DLP HDTVs, it is a must that you purchase the 3DC-1000 3D starter Kit. This will enable the Mitsubishi to convert Frame Packaging 3D that is used in Blu-Ray Disc 3D movies, side by side 3D used in satellite/cable and others.


  • 1080 DLP Display. It is powered by the Texas Instruments latest 1080p DLP chip.
  • Perfect Tint. This allows the adjustment of all 6 colors in light engine to be independent with each other.
  • Darker detailer is responsible for creating richer details and deeper blacks.
  • Exclusive 6 Color Processor delivers bright colors in wide range and emphasize whiter whites
  • Smooth 120 Hz is a unique technology of Mitsubishi which enables the display of more fluid, natural and smoother fast moving scenes giving you no motion blur at all. But it requires innovation and expertise to achieve this kind of result in motion blur removal and improved motion performance. Unlocking the new level of motion reproduction, the result would be faster motion scenes smoother and more natural.
  • Built-in HDTV tuner is one of the amazing features of the Mitsubishi WD-73838 which will receive over the air broadcast and various forms of cable programming.
  • 4 HDMI 1.3a Deep Color
  • Plush1080p™ 5G 12-Bit Processing allows HDTV to display any video signal.
  • PerfectColor is a feature of till color matrix that is much more powerful than any other conventional color intensity control including the red versus green balance
  • DeepField allows constant adjustment on brightness and contrast for good settings in different areas of the picture.
  • Video Modes allows user to use the five picture video modes for adjustment to optimize viewing in different lightning of the room as well as gaming application.
  • 3D ready allows you to immerse in your favorite video games, sports and movies. Its functionality has been developed to be more exciting when it comes to the HDTV experience.
  • 3 Rear / 1 Side HDMI™ 1.3 Inputs offers an interface between the audio and video source like DVD players, A/V receiver, A/V monitor, set-top box over a single cable.
  • Energy star qualified meaning that this Mitsubishi HDTV is more energy efficient that other units.

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