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Mitsubishi WD-82838 Review

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Product Description: Mitsubishi WD-82838 Review is the world’s largest 3D capable HDTV in its 82 inch wide screen for bigger viewing area. It uses the same core DLP technology that is widely used in most 3dD movie theaters. This technology is a thousand times faster that LCD technology offering more realistic 2D and 3D viewing experience. It even comes with the 3D viewing technology which gives options for enjoyable 3D content at your home.

The 838 Series HDTV offers concert quality sound without the clutter of other home theater equipments. The innovative Immersive Sound technology is featuring the built 16 speakers at the bottom of the bezel front perfecting balanced audio waves that reproduce 5.1 surround sounds. This also includes Mitsubishi’s Smooth 120 Hz technology for smoother fast moving images and xv Color.

There are other features included such as the StreamTV Internet Media accessing the VUDU HD movie rental site and even more, as well as the HDMI inputs, USB port for photo viewing and music listening as well as wireless Internet capabilities using optional adapter.

Key Features:

  • 1080 Full HD resolution
  • 3D capable makes you experience the new 3D technologies utilized by many recent movies and video games. Indulge with your favorite movies, games, and sporting events displayed in 3D.
  • 82 inch Digital Light Processing panel employs the Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing technology for rear-projection TVs creating the pictures that you see on the screen.
  • Stream TV Internet Media Access providing you with quick access to the extensive library of superior quality entertainment and content on social media sites. Choose from over 100 different streaming applications using your remote control. This includes the VUDU HD movie rentals, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and others. This features the world’s largest catalog of HD movies with more than 3,000 movies and HDX video format which is the only streaming 1080p HD video with high resolution 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound available on internet connected televisions.
  • Plush1080p 5G 12-Bit video processing which functions to convert lower-resolution signals to 1080p eliminating jagged pixilated imagery.
  • Smooth 20 technologies provide fluid natural motion for fast moving scenes such as action movies and sports.
  • Dark Detailer gives improved contrast and black levels. This allows wider palette of dark gray shades which gives realistic sense of picture depth.
  • 6 color processor is taking the three primary colors red blue and yellow of the video signal extracting the secondary colors to individually process each color for better accuracy.
  • DeepField Imager adjusts the panel brightness and contrasts optimizing the picture.
  • EdgeEnhance technology improves horizontal and vertical edges for precise picture with less to no distortion.
  • Built-in HD tuner
  • HDMI control
  • Easy Connect function as it recognizes automatically when you plug in a device prompting you to assign name to it.
  • 2 USB ports
  • Bluetooth Audio Streamina

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