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Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 55” 1080p 3D Local-Dimming LED HDTV with Built-In Wi-Fi, Black

Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 55”The Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 55” 3D LED HDTV is the latest offering of Sony 3DTVs in the market. It is equipped with brilliant full high definition 1080p picture quality for 3D and 2D. It comes with intelligent Peak LED backlighting with wide array local dimming for the most precise contrast of Sony. Viewers can experience precise and smooth motion detail with fast action videos through its Motionflow XR 960 technology. It also offers wide array of media streaming and online content through its Wireless BRAVIA Internet Television and Widgets.

The HX929 series offer simple connectivity, uncompromising technology and elegant design. One can take pleasure in dazzling full high definition picture quality not only for 3D but 2d programming as well. These 3DTVs come with a new level of detail and precision through the Intelligent Peak LED wide array backlighting in addition with local dimming. The X-Reality PRO processing of video of Sony delivers optimal contrast, color and sharpness even with web videos that have lower resolutions.

It is built with Wi-Fi that allows you to get connected on various entertainment options through the BRAVIA Internet Video and Widgets. You also can play back digital music, video, photo files right through your home network from devices that are DLNA certified. No matter what your entertainment preference is, the XBR-55HX929 can deliver you the best.

With razor-sharp detail, the entire family can enjoy realistic immersive moving and gaming experience in Sony’s 3D active glasses with its Full HD screen display. Kids and adults won’t have a difficult time using the 3D glasses since Sony designed it to be more comfortable and adjustable. It is also made with side panels which will block out excess light that could create annoying glare while wearing the glasses. Their feature batteries can last up to 100 hours.

When viewing through the active shutter glass, you can see a precisely synchronized on screen image and delivered with image intact giving you with excellent 3D viewing experience. When you turn this 3DTV on, you will immediately notice vibrant picture whether enjoying a 3D or 2D content. The video processing technologies of Sony work together to show the excellent breathtaking picture quality with reduced noise, excellent image detail and enhanced color.

With the Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 55” 3D LED HDTV, you can experience great picture quality and exceptional contrast of Sony with its wide selection local dimming technology. This modern technology is consisting of a range of LED lights adjusting the bright as well as levels of dark in every area of the screen to get more precise picture control.

It is very simple to connect to the internet with the built in Wi-Fi of this 3D TV. You need not to add external adapter when connecting into your wireless network right out of the box.

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Sharp LC60LE835U 3D TV

Whether you want to watch a movie or play your favorite video game, 3D TV can make your experience a lot more enjoyable. The Sharp LC60LE835U 3D television is featuring sophisticated 3D technology as well as inbuilt internet security giving you variety of entertainment options. They also offer excellent customer support team backs this 3D television which makes it a good choice for 3D entertainment.

Sharp LC60LE835U comes with 4 HDMI ports, a popular connection nowadays. After all, most gaming systems, computers and Blu-Ray playershave HDMI outputs so you can obtain HD look regardless of what you are doing. But if you still have other devices that use composite connection, you may run out of ports with this 3D television. It has one composite input and a single component input.

There is USB port as well on the rear of the TV. This 3D TV from sharp comes with built-in media player so you can play videos, view photos and listen to music from your flash drive. You can plug your computer also directly into your TV using PC-input port, showing off your desktop on the huge screen.

It features 60 inches LED 3D TV screen display. It has 1920 x 1080 resolution where you can see every image in superb detail. It has 240Hz refresh rate meaning that the image will not have blur when the action is picking up on the screen. The viewing angle is indicating maximum angle where you can view 3D and HD images. It has a viewing angle of 176 degrees which is quite lower compared to other 3D TVs but the difference is unnoticeable to most.

It is quite disappointing since it does not come with 3D glasses and if you don’t have one, you can use this 3D television as regular 2D television where you can get the same sharp contrast and vivid colors. You can switch it easily between 3D and 2D images whenever needed and desired.

Its built-in Wi-Fi is just one of the reasons why it is among the best 3D TVs for 2012. You need not to use USB adapter in connecting to your wireless router. You will be able to connect to the internet immediately when you plug in the 3D TV.

Sharp is offering variety of supports for its consumers. There is an online user manual that can be downloaded that is an excellent way of answering any question you have. You can also visit their FAQs page to seek for more answers.

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Panasonic TC-P55VT30 3D TV

Panasonic takes the lead with its line of 3D plasma of HD televisions which display exceptionally vibrant and vivid images in each dimension. This 3D TV is using active 3D technology. Although its active 3D glasses are quite pricey, they are worth the extra cost since they will do the entire job for you. Through active 3D, the 3-dimensional effect takes place in real time due to the lenses in the glasses that are equipped with shutter technology. Each lens will flash images corresponding with the images on the TV and result in a completely immersive and instantaneous 3D experience.

This 3D TV from Panasonic is fully equipped with three-dimension device. It comes with the basic hookup functionalities which include one component and one composite video input along with digital and analog audio outputs and inputs. These are labeled clearly at the back of the TV. You won’t be able to connect it to your personal computer and LAN. This 3d TV features 3 USB ports and 4 HDMI inputs for your 3D Blu-ray player, DVD player and gaming systems.

This 3D TV is also capable of converting 2D images into more immersive, 3D environments. This is possible through the technology unique to the line of Viera HDVTs from Panasonic producing 3D depth, detailed and 2D images. Through this conversion feature, you will be able to watch Blu-rays, DVDs and ordinary TV broadcasts in three vivid and vibrant dimensions. But when using it to convert 2-dimensional images into 3D, the 3D effect will be less pronounced than when enjoying material from 3D sources on your TV. It also comes with game mode for reduced lag and enhanced clarity.

The refresh rate of this Panasonic 3D TV is incredibly 600Hz. This TV is using 600Hz subfield drive in cultivating the best possible picture in 3D or 2D move. Like any other plasma TVs, this one is displaying images through the use of electrically charged ionized gases rather than LED. This 55 inch 3D TV has contrast ratio of 5,000,000 pixels to 1 and 178 degrees viewing angle. It has a greater 3D effect if you are further from the TV.

It includes with a set of active 3D glasses. The glasses are fashionable and are not too heavy. Some vendors are including additional pairs of glasses along with other accessories in one comprehensive bundle. Panasonic also offers exceptional help and support to customers.

Investing in Panasonic TC-P55VT30 is worth it because of the quality of display and excellent line of features it offers for ultimate viewing experience.


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LG 60PZ950 3D TV

The LG 60PZ950 comes with simple user interface making this Smart TV even smarter. This television is using motion-sensing remote allowing you to point easily and click on any application you want to launch. In addition 3D TV can give you spectacular action leaping out the screen. Unfortunately, it does not come with 3D glasses and its wireless feature is requiring USB adapter but it offers a line of great features and stunning display.

There are a number of ports on the LF 60PZ590 3D RV where you can connect your DVD player, Blu-Ray player, gaming system and others. This television comes with two composite inputs, 4 HDMI ports and two component inputs. There are two USB ports as well, though one has to be occupied by the USB Wi-Fi adapter to use wireless internet.

You can switch easily between 2D and 3D viewing with this 3D TV. This is so you won’t need to keep the 3D glasses every time. The LG 60PZ950 can change 2D shows which include those that are not 3D optimized into a 3-dimensional experience.

The LG 60PZ950 3D TV comes with diagonal 59.8 inches screen size but is available as well in 50 inch model. It offers excellent contrast and lively colors with display resolution of 1920 x 1080p meaning you will be able to see amazing HD detail. Contrast ratio is measurement of the darkest black on the display screen to the brightest white. With bigger ration, more contrast will also be displayed. This 3D TV from LG has dynamic contrast ratio at 5,000,000:1 making it impressive. It showcases crystal clear pictures that will surely please viewers.

The LG 60PZ950s does not offer Wi-Fi rather it features USB adapter to be plugged in the TV to detect and connect to wireless router. The 3D glasses for this would cost you around $50 to $100 each if you want to enjoy 3D in your TV. On the bright side, it comes with Magic Motion remote that works much similar to a computer mouse making it very easy to use.

Overall, LG 60PZ950 is an impressive 3D TV that will surely entertain your guests despite the fact that it does not feature built-in Wi-Fi and don’t offer free 3D glasses as well. The contrast ratio and display resolution are excellent and exceptional and because it is a plasma TV, it has 600Hz sub field drive for a smoother and blur-free motion. It is one of the best 3D TVs you can choose when you decide to making your next entertainment investment.

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3D TV Buyers Guide

To help you find the best 3D TV this year we’ve written an awesome 3D TV buyers guide and made it available for you to download. Inside the guide we cover several important factors that can help you buy the best 3D TV possible including:

1. Active Vs Passive Screen Technologies
2. LCD Vs Plasma TV Technologies
3. What Refresh Rate You Need – 120 Hz, 240 hz etc
4. How To Pick The Right Screen Size
5. How To Figure Out The Best Picture Quality
6. Finally, How To Get The Best Price

Download our free 3D TV buyers guide using one of the two options below:
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