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Panasonic TC-P58VT25 Review

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Pros: Picture quality is excellent with exceptional black levels and intense color details, comes with the THX Certification for amazing out of the box quality on image display, true 1080 limes of moving resolution for stunning video content via the Neo Plasma Display Panel Technology, provides comfortable viewing through the anti-glare technology, one of the leading 3D display performance and great effects on 3D viewing with no ghost visible, can play 1080p 24fps 2 Dimensional content and in terms of price, it is more cheaper than other LED TVs but the superior quality and high performance remains.

Cons: 3 inches thick display which is not as slim as other edge-lit LED 3D TVs, includes only one Panasonic 3D glasses on purchase and additional costs on active shutter glasses, the plasma panel does not give off true brightness compared to LCD panels, images on 3D could be little dim.

Product Description:  Panasonic TC-P58VT25 is the second largest Panasonic 3D TV that is currently available in the market. This is an upgrade version of the VT10 line of TVs from Panasonic of the year 2009. With its 3D capabilities, this new model from Panasonic is jam packed featuring tons of improved technology as compared to its predecessors.

Witness improved quality on pictures and black levels. Experience the intensified screen refresh rates as well as smoother performance on 3D. With all of these exciting features, consumers are looking forward into seeing this set into their very own home. They say this is the best TV so far and despite its imperfections, overall, this new model is the best choice and gives performance of what a 3D TV should be.


  • Flatpanel resolution. This is about the Neo Plasma Display Panel which is capable of delivering full 1080p substance. Because of this feature, the Plasma TV has the capacity to deliver true 1080p video content. It further prevents any failure of screen resolution in displaying accurate moving scenes.
  • Color Accuracy. All models of the Panasonic TC-P58VT25 is has a THX certification which implies that these Plasma TVs displays outstanding picture quality meeting the critical standards in areas including uniform brightness, low levels on black, high contrast ratios including the ability to display Full HD video content.
  • Black Level and Contrast. This displays amazing dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. This is all because of the significant enhancements in the black levels to make it dark as compared to its predecessors.
  • Backlight uniformity. This is one of the advantages of this model for it does not make you get from non uniformity in the screen display of brightness all around the screen.

Refresh Rate and Video processing. This is the strongest video processing capabilities with the ability to handle multiple sources of video content.

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