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Samsung PN58C7000 Review

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Pros: The New Samsung PN58C7000 is 3D capable. It comes with good quality and is loaded with pretty amazing features that would make every viewing experience enjoyable. The price is fairly good as it gives you more reasons to enjoy the TV at your convenience.

Cons: It does not have the same picture quality as some other HDTVs have. There is no accuracy in color. It may have smoothening feature but it can be easily turned off. And because 3D glasses are not included in the purchase, it can come pricey. 3D feature is prone to ghost images and black levels are good but not as dark as other sets.

Description: The Samsung PN58C7000 is a high quality HDTV boasting with stunning picture quality. The plasma flat display has the ability of HDTV together with 3D ready feature that creates motion picture adventure for viewers every time they watch 3D movies. It gives you a cinematic feel right at your own home theater with its software program that boosts the quality of the picture. All of the images showcased the moves and feel of the display gives viewers an extraordinary viewing experience.

This 58 inches widescreen comes with a 1080p quality. You can easily notice its slimness because the system measures only 1.5 inches in depth. You can attack headphones and other accessories such as USB, HDMI, and component and for the purpose of having a personal computer. This TV is also loaded with added applications to enhance your entertainment experience. The SRS TruSurround HD allows the audio to match the realism of the screen. It also makes Web access and connectivity available.

Users can easily connect their camera directly to the television for clearer viewing. This can be suitable during commercial breaks. Its content library allows you to store videos and pictures. Gamers can also have the time to enjoy their games because of the improved graphics while on the game mode. It also has the capacity to attach a memory drive from your computer and get easy access on files such as pictures and videos with the use of a remote control. It also saves money because it is energy efficient.


  • 58 inches widescreen size
  • 3D HD. With the 3D technology of Samsung, it delivers lifelike displays and making you a part of the action as the images leap off the screen.
  • Internet@TV to connect to an ever expanding portal of he digital content you like.
  • Content Library or Flash Memory stores pictures and video for playback and emphasize user-friendly interface in accessing videos, photos and play lists using the remote control.
  • BD Wise adjusts automatically all components for best and high quality sound and pictures.
  • Picture in Picture allows convenient and simultaneous TV show viewing.

1 year warranty on parts and labor.

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