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Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 Review

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Pros: Contains 3D features and built-in applications like no other

Cons: The negative things that you will find in this model are the external 3D transmitter and do not come with the 3D glasses unlike other models from Sony.

Description: Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 is one of the high definition television from Sony that were able to catch the attention of many TV lovers for this contains everything that you could possibly be looking for your dream TV. The huge screen measures 55’” and with such size, you can easily create a cinematic feel right at your own living room. This amazing and beautiful LCD TV allows you to make a choice of letting it stand or mounted on the wall. Either way could still deliver its best features that would give you a new definition of what entertainment to the fullest should be. Sony guarantees that with this model, Sony Bravia KDL55HX800, you will totally forget about how long you have stayed watching. The television itself is irresistible, and so is the way it showcase the vibrant display colors and the crystal clear audio.


  • The first feature that you would immediately notice at you first glance of this innovative product from Sony is its glossy black finish. It is so elegant that you will not have a hard time matching it with your interior décor. It can serve as a focal point to the entire room.
  • Compatible with all 3D products from Sony
  • 3D ready, with advanced sensors for easy adjustment on levels of brightness and contrast of image displays depending on the lighting conditions of the room as well as the environment.
  • Advanced in a way that it has video compatible format of 1080p making you enjoy just everything to the cutting edge blue ray movies.
  • With dynamic edge LED back light which is automatic and ambient sensors combined with the whole lighting feature of the area where it is placed.
  • Enhanced sound quality giving you more reasons to enjoy the clarity of video watching and audio listening that you cannot find in any other HDTV.
  • Display resolution of about 1920 x 1080 pixels

Special Features:
The Sony KDL55HX800 contributes to the welfare of the environment because it is star energy compliant drawing very small energy while the television is running. Allows you to enjoy shows all you want without worrying about your bills for it is energy efficient saving you more money in the end. Overall, Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 is another stunning creation from Sony that will take you to the edge of your seats while enjoying some of the action on movies and sports. Sony simply makes each viewing time with its amazing surprises in television watching.
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