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Sony KDL46HX800 HDTV Review

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Pros: Works in creating quality images and features little to no noise.
          Easy installation with its 3 inches deep and 40 pounds weight TV set.

Cons: 3D Sync Transmitter along with 3D Active glasses comes separately that would cost you 200 dollars more. 

Description: The Sony KDL46HX800 is the latest creation of Sony that features 3D displays. This is a dream TV for people who want to get the 3D experience cannot afford to spend more for a TV set. This 46 inches large size TV that would make viewing more convenient and clear even when you are few meters away from where it is positioned. This set works well the Bravia Engine 3 processor of Sony. It displays quality images with noise that are good to hear. The noise on the processor was nonexistent and can showcase 1080p image with crystal clear effects.

The biggest thing about this HDTV set is that it can show you how a real 3D technology works. From this, the set would require 3D Sync Transmitter along with 3D Active glasses.  This could result into images that are impressive looking.

The set also offers the convenience of installation for it will not take much of your time setting it up with its construction made easy to hang on the wall. Its light weight and deep makes the installation of this set no sweat. Apart from its easy installation feature, KDL46HX800 is interesting because of the many image options. You are given several display options that are relatively easy to go back and forth around. You can find there options for movies, games, sports, photos and its viewing system in general. Each of these options worked with their individual zoom processes as often as necessary.

Price: Sony KDL46HX800 HDTV costs $2, 089 at amazon.com which is lesser than other large 3d TVs you can find in the market and the 3D accessories are sold for additional $200 dollars.


  • Wi-Fi adaptor to get easy access online without using additional wires.
  • Full HD 1080p resolution allows you to experience and see the best quality of picture displays
  • Deep Black Panel lets you get the most out of the sharp and clear images with unbelievable contrast. The Deep black panel display minimizes reflection for best viewing.
  • Highest level of motion clarity and detail with its Motionflow PRO 240 Hz technology.
  • Smart 3D in Full High Definition allows you to enjoy realistic movie and incredible gaming experience in Full HD 1080 using the 3D accessories of Sony like the 3D Sync transmitter and 3D active glasses that are separately sold.
  • Convenient conversion from standard 2D personal content in 3D with a single push of a button on the remote control.
  • Bravia engine makes you enjoy the most advanced video processing of Sony for best quality image display and detail, images that are life-like with nouse reduced and enhanced contrast and color with the Bravia Engine 3.

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