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Sony XBR-52HX909 Review

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Pros: Loaded with lot of features, delivers crisper images with its all improved picture quality, design is great looking and better contrast to create beautiful pictures without causing much strain to the eyes.

Cons: Not at the quality intended for 3D programs, 3D glasses are sold separately from the television; it is too heavy in weight in nearly 100 lbs, price is high.

Product Description: Sony has always been known for its incredible innovations that had amazed so many consumers. And the new Sony XBR52HX909 is its latest surprise to HDTV lovers. The electronic market welcomes this new creation from Sony as it is sure to hit the market once more as it is armed with great features that define the prestigious quality of Sony that it is so hard to find any flaws of this set.

Sony never had a problem when it comes to the look of their products. The all black finish screen would surely fit any living space. Additionally, the black suit is gorgeous looking on its slender frame to mount on the wall with not more than 3” depth. If you want it to stand on your desk, well, the depth would grow to nearly 16” and note that 12 inches of those comes from the stand itself. The only fault you will find in this product is on the weight, nearly a hundred lbs. And even without the stand, its screen alone would weigh 80 lbs which makes it quite heavier than its other competitors.
In terms of picture quality, Sony makes up the weight on its screen displays that is in 1080p high definition and being able to manage with to exceed its many competitors and this is because of he BRAVIA Engine 3 processor. This results into crisper image and better contrast which makes picture displays more beautiful without making your eyes strain. Sony as well includes the MotionFlow PRO technology in this model that amplifies the capture rate of the fast-paced action bringing more thrilling feel.


  • Pre installed internet feature which makes it possible for you to access myriad of video websites on the internet displaying assorted clips on your wide screen.
  • Improved network access so you can link the screen to the personal computers through your home network for instant streaming from your computer to the set.
  • Includes USB ports for easy access to files stored on your device and view it on high picture quality screen
  • All of these features can be accessed easily via the Sony Trademark XMB media center.

Overall: The Sony XBR-52HX909 is a great television with equipped with excellent quality that would add an impressive point to your living room. Any buyer would truly be satisfied and won’t mind about the price but only see what this set has to offer.

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